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Is a fantastic evening benefitting one of the brightest stars of our cultural crown, The Birmingham Boys Choir!  In its’ 37th year as the BBC (formerly the Apollo Boys Choir), we are honored to showcase culinary stars of our city.  We assemble a marvelous group of supportive restaurants and purveyors, all in the unique space of the Grand Ballroom of The Club.  Along with the tastes and smells is the singing that only Boys can do.  Joined by sets from local jazz artists the BBC performs their ‘Pops’ repertoires as guests dine and chat and vote for their very favorite morsel.  As the evening winds down with the sun, the winner of the ‘Taster’s Choice’ is revealed and greeted with a blaze of fireworks in the dark of the night at the height of the deck.  Truly spectacular to experience all of this in one beautiful spot, for one magnificent group of people!